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Learn how to use your words surgically with Precision Hypnosis

Gain a deep understanding of the psychology of persuasion and advanced hypnotic skills that will enable you to work with even the most resistant client

You learned hypnosis and set out to help people. But this client won't go into hypnosis properly. Or that one isn't quite responding to your interventions as you'd expect. Surely there must be a way to help more people more of the time? You start to doubt your skills and wonder if there's more to it, something you're missing, some method for expanding your skill with hypnosis.

There's nothing worse than knowing you could help a client - if only...

Increase your confidence to increase your hypnotic success rate

Many hypnosis schools teach a one-dimensional theory of hypnosis based on the old idea that hypnosis is nothing more than 'softly spoken orders'. (Imagine if music schools taught singing as 'shouting with a tune'!) This teaching method leaves many graduates feeling under-confident in their hypnotic abilities, which can subtly but powerfully affect their success rate as they unconsciously transmit those doubts to clients.

Uncommon Knowledge's 'Precision Hypnosis' course will show you how real hypnosis involves a deep understanding of the fundamentals of psychology and communication. You will learn a whole new approach to hypnosis that makes every session a joyful, creative journey that will be colourful and fun, but also therapeutically laser-guided.

You will gain complete confidence in your ability to hypnotize anyone, anywhere - without needing a script or an elaborate induction!

Train with us and join the 'inner circle'

A long time ago, at one of our workshops, someone asked us for the 'secret to the inner circle' of hypnosis. We laughed then - after all we're just talking about communication here. But it's since become clear that there are two types of hypnotists: those skimming the surface with moderate success, and those with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of hypnosis.

Precision Hypnosis will give you that understanding, including:

  • How to use 'seeding', a rarely taught technique. Invisible to the untrained eye (or ear), this is how master therapists dramatically increase their success rate.
  • How to induce rapid and deep trance states.
  • How to hypnotize using only your body language and tone of voice - once you understand this, you'll never need a script again!

Gain more than just new recipes

When a good cook expands her training under the tutelage of Gordon Ramsay, she gains more than just a few new recipe cards. Her entire perspective of food and flavor will transform.

So it is with Precision Hypnosis.

You will learn how to:

  • Blend hypnosis invisibly into conversation and create a delicious mix of deep rapport and unconscious change. (Forget just 'close your eyes and relax'.)
  • Effortlessly bypass conscious resistance - quickly get your clients where they need to go, with a minimum of fuss.
  • Perform effective therapy at a dinner party as easily as in the therapy room - gain a reputation as a language artiste!
  • Use the hidden power of your own expectation - and ease your client into hypnosis.
  • Bypass the normal trance 'signposts' - induce hypnosis at will.
  • Automatically make your therapeutic 'next step' obvious with new language skills.
  • Discard the need for that 'special place'.
  • Alter your own mindset to make hypnosis much easier - your clients will literally hypnotize themselves.

You read that right: your clients will hypnotize themselves - when you learn the right mindset. Bill O'Hanlon once said that to make hypnosis easy, all he did was imagine Milton Erickson standing behind him doing all the hard work. This is the sort of paradigm shift that can dramatically change your experience and enjoyment of using hypnosis - as well as your success rate.

Become more flexible to help more people

If you've read about Milton Erickson, you'll know that he pioneered the 'utilization technique' - utilizing a client's unique experiences, personality, and preferences as components of their therapy. This technique lies at the heart of Precision Hypnosis, instructing you in how you can naturally draw people's interest. This enables you to become powerfully compelling and persuasive, weaving hypnosis into your everyday communication.

Once you've completed the course, you will be infinitely flexible in how you use hypnosis to motivate and move people, influencing every human encounter for the better.

You'll know:

  • Two changes you can easily make in your language to connect people with their inner resources and detach them from their problems.
  • Methods to speak directly to someone's unconscious mind without sounding weird!
  • How to confidently hypnotize a client who does not want to close their eyes.
  • The real reason master hypnotherapists use hypnotic phenomena and how to do the same easily.

All this, and hypnotic phenomena made simple?

We regularly get asked about hypnotic phenomena by hypnotherapists who lack confidence in their ability to elicit phenomena in their clients (as do a majority of hypnotists!).

We will teach you the approach and key language tools that make eliciting hypnotic phenomena an easy, uplifting, and pressure-free process. With this knowledge, you will confidently evoke hand levitation, anaesthesia, arm catalepsy, amnesia, and time distortion. More importantly, you will understand their potential role in therapy.

Fill up your toolbox with effective psychology

Every therapist uses hypnosis, whether or not they're aware of it, so an understanding of hypnosis is an essential tool for any therapist. But any toolkit needs to be a complete set if you're going to do full repairs. To be effective hypnotherapists, we also need a good set of psychological tools and the complementary knowledge of how simple - even mechanical - human psychological problems really are. Once you understand that it's the people who are complicated, not their problems, therapy can become much, much easier. ;-)

In addition to science-based principles, Precision Hypnosis also focuses on giving you concrete, practical tools ready for implementation in your very next session. We aim to get you saying, "Wow, what I learnt is really working!" (And telling all your therapist friends!)

We will show you:

  • Astounding new research revealing how suggestible we all are - yes, even you. This information will empower your confidence towards using hypnotic influence and persuasion.
  • What you should be doing during the half-hour when most therapists would be having a polite chat about the client's problem and why such a chat doesn't help most clients.
  • How to slip 'therapeutic Trojan horses' into everyday conversation via hypnotic therapeutic metaphors.
  • The truth about the human decision-making process and what effective therapy really changes in people.
  • How to evoke positive emotions conversationally.
  • Two incredibly powerful but simple ways to magnify elicited responses.
  • The use of storytelling (your own or others') for influencing change, and how simple these stories can be.
  • How to make your client's problem dissolve within a single conversation.
  • How to help clients use their innate 'observing self' resource to free themselves from their problems in minutes.
  • What a pattern interrupt is and get you understanding how it can be used to destabilize problems.

Wondering if you're 'qualified'?

Due to the advanced nature of the course, some prior knowledge and experience of hypnosis is necessary for you to gain the most benefit from Precision Hypnosis. Examples of relevant knowledge include:

Still uncertain? Ask us here or call +44 (0)1273 776770.

We work hard to provide training that will keep you coming back for more

At Uncommon Knowledge, we have over a decade of experience training both the public and professionals in the effective use of hypnosis. The course creators, Roger Elliott, Mark Tyrrell and Joe Kao put more than a year of work into crafting the Precision Hypnosis course, blending the latest research with our combined experience. We hope you'll agree that the teaching tools and materials we've created (as well as Mark and Joe's engaging and fascinating presentation style) will make your learning effective, inspiring - and fun!

Rest assured that:

  • You will be learning and using approaches backed by scientific research at the cutting edge of modern psychology.
  • The course leaders have a wealth of hypnotic experience.
  • You will benefit from quick, friendly admin support throughout the course.

Questions? Please ask here.

Precision Hypnosis Video Samples Featuring Mark Tyrrell

Discussion of negative hallucination in hypnosis using universal examples:
Discussion of time distortion in hypnosis:
Discussion of the 'response frustration' technique in hypnosis: