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Benefits of the Growth Zone

Put your personal growth on autopilot and get the regular mental nutrition your brain needs in the Growth Zone!

Every two weeks we will deposit a 'download credit' in your Growth Zone account. Each credit allows you to choose a download from the hundreds we have available. If you aren't ready to choose a download right that second, that's fine. You can build up credits in your Growth Zone account.

Here's what you get for only $21.95 per month

  • Membership costs only $21.95 per month and includes a credit every 2 weeks. This saves you 31% on every download! Cancel at any time.

  • Choose a hypnosis download or hypnosis script every two weeks - from any download on the site.

  • Or, you can save your credits to use on CDs and DVDs, or anything else on Hypnosis Downloads.

  • Buy extra credits at up to 40% off main site price

  • Over 30 exclusive downloads available only to Growth Zone members.
  • A fresh Inspired Insight every day - raise your sights with two inspirational quotes, plus a short discussion to get you thinking.

  • Access to over 40 Audio Insights from our newsletter Inspired Minds - learn how your mind works.

  • Access to online courses - Learn hypnosis in 5 days, the 6-part Self Confidence Course, the Depression Learning Path and the Panic Prevention Course.

  • Personal notes section to help you keep track of your goals and aspirations.

  • Purchase history with all the details of what you have downloaded and when, and if your computer crashes, we can help you recover what you've bought from us.

  • An email every two weeks to remind you to get your next hypnosis download or script and use your credits.

Join The Growth Zone today and begin to discover your own true potential. You'll find out what you are truly capable of!

Exclusive Members-Only Hypnosis Downloads include...

1) Brain power & creativity series

  • Brain building
  • Develop super concentration
  • Develop super memory & recall
  • Make creative leaps
  • Find your vision

2) Healthy lifestyle series

  • Envisaging you
  • Choosing the right foods
  • Super portion control
  • Get moving
  • Ultimate gym Session

3) Personal power series

  • Recognize your self worth
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Undo negative conditioning
  • Real skills for confidence
  • The way forward

4) Inspirational lives series

Throughout history there have been great men and women who achieved incredible things, often against the greatest odds. Now you can learn - at an attitude level - how they did it and how you can too

Galileo Galilei - know your own mind

Douglas Bader - determination & self belief

Mary Keller - woman of spirit

Sir Richard Burton - daring & courage

Viktor Frankl - courage in the face of adversity

Milton Erickson - against all odds

Robert the Bruce - true grit, never quit

Do you sometimes feel like your goals and aspirations are written in disappearing ink?

Have you noticed how many of your good intentions somehow vanish from your brain?
No matter how powerful your initial enthusiasm, life just gets in the way of your aims. You know what you should be doing to get ahead, but other things always seem to stop you.

Without regular refocusing, life de-prioritises you!

With the best will in the world, most of us are so busy that our most important goals simply sink out of sight. The Growth Zone will keep your brain in tip-top condition while ensuring you stay focused on your personal growth goals.

We all know that to keep fit, we have to exercise regularly, but our mental fitness is left to take care of itself. Determination, creativity, confidence; they all need keeping in shape.

Keep your brain in shape, stretch your mind

If you are not a Growth Zone member yet what are you waiting for? For just $21.95 a month you can enjoy a download of your choice every two weeks, giving you a regular mental workout - keeping your brain in shape, stretching your mind and helping you harness the power of hypnosis to your life and goals.

Extra Savings

The Growth Zone is a brand new experience from and a great way of saving money while maintaining motivation. Your membership means you can choose a download - which normally retail for $14.95 each - every two weeks.

Remember, regular hypnosis:

  • lowers stress and anxiety levels permanently
  • helps you control the content of your own thoughts
  • stops you doing negative self hypnosis and 'getting in your own way'
  • creates a powerful attitude for optimism, perseverance and success.