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Grief and Loss Hypnosis Scripts

The expression of grief and loss is governed by very strict, although usually unspoken, social rules. We all feel the pressures of these rules. We feel 'expected' to respond in a certain way when someone dies, or when we lose our job, or the children leave home, or whatever it may be.

If the 'expected' response fits our own emotional needs, well and good.

But often it doesn't.

Therapists often find themselves called upon to deal with situations which are really about grief. A student who says they are 'depressed' may be experiencing terrible feelings of loss about leaving home. A widow or widower who says they can't face life may still be carrying a heavy burden of unprocessed grief.

Our range of grief and loss related hypnosis downloads offer the therapist a range of approaches for helping people come through the experience of bereavement, in whatever form it comes to them, and prepare to move on with their lives.

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