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Online home study courses in hypnosis and therapy skills

Take Uncommon Knowledge's courses in psychotherapy, counseling and hypnosis techniques from anywhere in the world

As a psychotherapist, counselor, hypnotherapist or interested layperson, you now have access to cutting-edge training from anywhere in the world. The founders of Hypnosis Downloads, Uncommon Knowledge, have trained thousands and now you can access the courses at home.

Packed with video, audio, discussion forums and course materials, the Uncommon Knowledge home study experience enables you to access your training anytime, anywhere and to learn in a way that suits you.

The courses below all use a colorful, interactive approach to ensure your learning is enjoyable, effective and exciting, and all include access to tutors for the duration of your course.

Foundation Hypnosis Course
Learn how to use indirect, conversational hypnosis without the need for scripts. Includes live hypnosis workshop footage.

Advanced Hypnosis Course
Take your understanding of hypnosis and hypnotic communication to a new level.

How to Stop Anyone Smoking
The full Uncommon Knowledge system that gets smokers on your side, against the cigarettes.

Rewind Technique Trauma Treatment Course
The single most effective therapeutic technique we know, to treat trauma and phobias rapidly, often in a single session.

How to Lift Depression Fast
Our step-by-step approach to lifting depression quickly and innoculating your clients against relapse.