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Re-energize with a Power Nap

Take a 10 minute hypnotic power nap and feel powerfully refreshed!

10 Min Power Nap

Does your energy and concentration hit rock bottom during the afternoon?

Do you prop yourself up with caffeine or other stimulants and struggle to sleep at night?

A natural way to relax and refresh is by having a power nap. This "time out" allows your body to tap into its natural rhythms and do all the rest and recuperation required to take you through the rest of the day.  That's why we have developed this download to speedily and effortlessly help you have a 10 minute time out from everyday life.

Why it's worth taking 10 minutes out

Taking a short rest during the day has long been known to have beneficial effects. People who nap for between ten and twenty minutes are more alert, more creative, more productive and generally healthier than those who always push on through the day - perhaps fortified only by caffeine or other stimulants.

Some cultures acknowledge that the rhythm of human life includes a daily 'dip' in energy round about lunchtime, and practices like the 'siesta' are a normal part of daily life for all sections of society. But in most western countries nowadays the 24-hour life-style has driven such healthy patterns to the margins.

Why power naps are becoming more popular - even if you're not a NASA pilot

It has taken a combination of serious scientific research and the efforts of some very high powered business people to bring the 'power nap' back up the agenda. A study by NASA found, for example, that a 26-minute nap increased pilots' performance 34%. 34%! That's a huge increase. Now there are even companies renting out 'pods' to businesses where you can go to take your power nap.

Of course, most of us are not pilots, or even top business people, but that doesn't mean to say that we can't all enjoy the same payback that they do from a power nap. If we can find the time, the space and the knack, we can expect to see some of the same benefits.

Making time to take a nap

Finding the time may be a question of taking a new perspective on your daily routines. Ten minutes is not a huge chunk of time, so it may be a matter of thinking of your lunch 'hour' as being divided up, so you can take twenty or thirty minutes for your lunch, twenty minutes for socializing or exercise, and fifteen minutes for a power nap. Or reassign your afternoon 'tea break' to be an afternoon 'power nap break'.

Where is the best place to nap?

Space too may be a matter of thinking creatively. Putting your head down on the desk (if you work in an office) is one way to do it. Maybe there is a quiet corner somewhere where you can curl up (lucky you if your company offers 'pods'!). Some people head back to their cars and sit there for a nap. If you are at home, you may have the luxury of actually retiring to bed, or resting on a couch.

Mastering the knack of power napping

But what about the knack? Many people find going off to sleep a rather slow business. If you've only got ten minutes, how can you reliably send yourself off within a minute or so? And - possibly more importantly - how can you be sure you will wake up in time?

The Ten Minute Power Nap is an audio hypnosis session which takes all the effort out of putting yourself to sleep. You don't have to worry about whether you are relaxed enough yet - you just listen and respond to the suggestions have been designed to help you relax quickly and easily.

The Ten Minute Power Nap also takes care of the matter of waking up, and teaches you how to reliably ensure that you will be back at work in time. Listening to the Ten Minute Power Nap regularly as you begin to establish your own napping routine will help you institute a healthy pattern of relaxation in your day which your mental and physical health will thank you for!

Download Ten Minute Power Nap and discover just how refreshing ten minutes can be.

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Ten Minute Power Nap

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