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Testimonials for the Free Hypnosis Course

Read some great feedback from our customers

"...the free hypnosis course really helped me realize the true potential and understand it"
by Liz Quilty

Because there are so many scam artists out there its hard to tell who is real and who's just trying to make a buck. After keeping an eye on the site and noticing the low prices I could see that this is the kind of site that is more concerned about ME as a person.

I've read many books on self hypnosis but reading your content and downloading the files from the ' Free Hypnosis Course' really helped me realize the true potential and understand it. I realize there are a lot of misconceptions.

I have now created several of my own self hypnosis tapes for both weight loss and self confidence, and also to help promote exercising. So far I have quit smoking and am have lost about 15kg (and still losing) using these tools.

My workplace has seen the newfound confidence and have suggested that very soon I will be training new employees and having my own team after only being there a year!

This story came from Liz Quilty who is a Programmer from Auckland, NZ

"Your hypnosis course. has convinced me that hypnosis is a scientific tool with which to overcome any psychological problem in your life"
by Ian Small

I was wary of subscribing and downloading anything to do with hypnosis when I came across this site, having always been suspicious as to what hypnosis was about. I had previously thought it would involve someone else being in control of my behaviour. I think after having read your hypnosis course and listened to some of your downloads it has convinced that hypnosis is a scientific and useful tool with which to over come any psychological problem in your life.

At the moment I have just begun to subscribe to your newsletter and have only had time to listen to your basic course on hypnosis, which I am still in the process of completing but I truly believe that it has change some of my views about just how much hypnosis can benefit you! I am a smoker at this present moment and have been struggling to quit. I think that the first download I would have to try would be the 'Quit Smoking - Stay Stopped' course as this is a problem that I honestly believe could be solved through your hypnosis courses.

In my current group of friends the majority are smokers who are unhappy smoking and currently willing to try almost anything to quit. I will most definitely be letting them know how my

This story came from Ian Small who is an Undergraduate Student from Stellenbosch, South Africa

"I can relax myself and get rid of stress"
by Dan West

The lessons on 'Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days' gave me great insight. Initially by developing an understanding of hypnosis. This was made clear through the first lesson.

I now have a better understanding of myself through self-observation and recognizing the way I act at times. If I feel I am getting stressed I can run through the exercise of observing the way I feel and talking through each step of my senses.

From there I find I can relax myself and get rid of stress. The best lesson exercise that helps me through this is the staircase induction. By observing the sights, smells and touch I can make it real and vivid in my mind.

I have used this a number of times and find it very beneficial. I have even used this on my fiance and she has experienced the benefits of relieving stress. If I can run through this with her by myself it tells me the lessons are effective and work.

Through these short lessons I can see how effective this is and excited to explore further lessons that target specific situations.

This story came from Dan West who is a Business Owner from Ottawa, Canada

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