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1 Find a New Job

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1 Exercise Motivation

2 Improving Concentration and Focus

3 Se'xual Performance Anxiety

4 Stop Negative Thinking

5 Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

6 Quick Confidence Booster

7 Public Speaking Confidence

8 We1ght Loss Motivation

9 Learn Fast

10 Think Thin

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Here are December's 10 newly recorded downloads for you:

1) Build Instant Rapport - build friendship and trust quickly and easily.
2) Fear of Aging for Women - reclaim your right to age with pride.
3) New Dad - support for the most challenging time of your life.
4) Being Adopted - if you are finding it hard to come to terms with, this will help.
5) End That Affair - you know you should, now you can.
6) Portion Control - eat only what you need.
7) Relieving Constipation - relax and ease your bowel.
8) Stop Gossiping - if you need help to stop talking about other people, it's here.
9) Sibling Rivalry - create a new relationship with your brother or sister.
10) Help with Spelling - get your imagination to do the hard work for you.

Mark Tyrrell Mark Tyrrell


Wow, so that was Christmas! I trust you're enjoying some proper relaxation to charge your batteries for the New Year.

I love this time of year. It's the perfect time to gather your thoughts, clean up your goals and set your targets for the next 6 months. And to that end, we've created you a resolution-reinforcing New Year Resolution Reinforcer to get you off to a flying start and keep you flying through 2008. You also save $24.80. Read about the Resolution Reinforcer bundle here.

We also hope you enjoyed last month's audio insight The Hypnotic Art of Clear Confusion and that it made sense (at least on one level :-) There are some bumper new hypnosis sessions to crown the year off, a few of which I'll shed some light on below.

And if you're serious about making 2008 truly great, consider joining the Growth Zone. At less than $1 per day, it's like a really nice personal coach to keep you moving through the year. Plus, we'll give you 3 extra credits when you join before Jan 3rd.

All Best Wishes for the coming year.


Downloads Unwrapped

You probably know by now that weeks of careful thought and planning goes into all of our sessions. For hypnosis to be effective it needs to be aligned with good psychology. An effective session requires a clear understanding of why problem states arise and how to diminish them. I'm going to briefly explain the ideas, informed by the latest research, behind three of this month's new sessions.

First off we have, among others, New Dad specifically for new fathers who need some support. There's also Portion Control devoted to helping people control how much they eat not just what they eat - a key factor in weight management that is often missed. The Help with Spelling download encourages people to focus on correct spelling and become naturally better at it to save time and increase professionalism. What I really want to focus on here though are: Build Instant Rapport, Fear of Aging for Women and Sibling Rivalry.

To influence others we need to connect with them and let them know we appreciate their position. Great natural rapport builders can do this within minutes; sometimes even seconds. The Build Instant Rapport session (isn't this for hypnotherapists?) goes beyond the usual physical matching, mirroring and leading of rapport and also looks at how to increase rapport verbally to quickly get 'in tune' with anybody. The more people you can get in rapport with, the more connections you make, and the more possible sources of help and information as well as friendships and romantic relationships you attain. When you get people to feel you can 'see though their eyes' they will feel more connected to you and always be more interested in what you have to say.

The Fear of Aging for Women download addresses the fact that although men fear aging to some extent, for women aging is almost taboo. It's crazy, we live in times of unprecedented aging populations, and western women have never had a better chance of living to 100, yet many women dread becoming 30, let alone 40 or 50!

Society, and the media in particular brainwash us to equate youthfulness with goodness and age with bad. Many women are embarrassed about their age or even panicked about it. This session seeks to bring calmness to the thought of aging whilst instilling a sense of the extraordinary potential of people as they age. Nobody should have to obsess about time passing to the extent that they stop enjoying that time. And nobody should just see themselves as an object that loses value the longer it lasts!

We live in a world of constant comparisons. We compare ourselves to others (which is one reason for the fear of aging). Another constant comparison is that of comparing ourselves to our siblings.

In Sibling Rivalry I address reasons why we can grow up feeling jealous, resentful or inferior to brothers or sisters. The session works to put these destructive emotional patterns 'to bed' and promotes a greater sense of personal worth and uniqueness. I would love some feedback on these new sessions if you have any thoughts - you can contact me over at the blog.

Audio Insight - Confusion has long been used as way of 'pattern interruption' when inducing hypnosis and also when delivering hypnotic ideas and suggestions. This months audio insight The Clear Art of Hypnotic Confusion shows you why the top hypnotists use confusion as a technique and also gives you ideas and strategies as to how you might use it yourself. Listen to this new audio insight here.

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29 December 2007, Issue 32
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"Before getting the 'Develop Optimism' download I had doubt about the result - whether it would give a result at all, would it suiting my mind etc. etc..."

"I found it harmonious to my mind and started really working listening every morning to it. Now unlike before, I don't panic over a problem on my mistakes at office, or at a relationship problem."

This story came from Ashraf Thalanaparambil who is a Sales Officer from Hal Ain, United Arab Emirates.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007