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How Self Hypnosis Saved a Life

“I was diagnosed with cancer, I got divorced, and I went through hell financially for a couple of years… but one thing I kept was self hypnosis. I used it every day to relax, to feel positive even when things were really bad.”

Published by mark.tyrrell September 8th, 2016 in Personal Development

Is the past controlling your relationship's present?

Have you ever taken an instant disliking/liking to someone merely because they reminded you of someone else who you disliked/liked?

Published by mark.tyrrell September 5th, 2016 in Relationship Help

Is desperation for certainty ruining your relationship?

A sign of insecurity in relationships is when the desire for certainty becomes too strong.

Published by mark.tyrrell August 30th, 2016 in Relationship Help

Are you imagining your relationship to death?

When you're worried about your relationship, it's easy to see problems everywhere.

Published by mark.tyrrell August 29th, 2016 in Relationship Help

How not to be emotionally insecure

You don't know what's going to happen - so relax. Low self esteem makes you presume too much about the future but here's a secret.

Published by mark.tyrrell April 7th, 2016 in Self Esteem