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1 Be Frugal

2 Start Your Own Business

3 Think Big

4 Do It Now

5 Expect The Best

February's Top 10
This month's top buys.

1 Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

2 Exercise Motivation Booster

3 Self Esteem Booster

4 Stop Negative Thinking Now

5 Public Speaking Confidence

6 Quick Confidence Booster

7 Cool Down Blushing

8 Getting Over a Relationship

9 Self Motivation Booster

10 Improve Concentration and Focus

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Hello %%FNAME%%

Here are February's fantastic new downloads for you...

1) Develop strength of character - be strong when you need to be
2) Be less materialistic - become more real
3) Losing your virginity - relaxed and confident
4) Enjoy fruit and vegetables - want what you need
5) Team family - living, loving and working together

Download Upgrade
This month, a new shine has been added to Put the spark back into your relationship.

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Hi %%FNAME%%

Did you know that researchers found that people in the most unhappy relationships have a 34 per cent higher chance of developing heart-related problems than those in the happiest relationships? (1)

Romance is not just for fairy stories. Romance really matters. Happy, intimate, loving and fulfilling relationships are a huge boon to physical and mental health.

So how was Valentine's Day for you? Did you spend it with the person you love in shared intimate understanding or was it just another day? Did you go for minimal fuss because this day of romance seems to highlight the shortcomings in what once was so much more?

Put the Spark Back into Your Relationship

This month's new improved download is Put the spark back into your relationship. This was one of our earliest offerings at, and remains among the most popular. That's because people everywhere recognize the need to cherish and nurture relationships that may have become tired and worn. And we recognize the need to revisit our hypnosis downloads from time to time and give them a little tender loving care, too. We've put even more spark into an already sparky session and are delighted to make the new version available for download.

5 not 10 downloads

There are five new sessions for you this month. Why not the usual ten? Well, our goal this year is to focus more of our efforts on improving quality, and to offer more stunning content through the Growth Zone membership section. There will be more news about that soon! But we still intend to produce five new download sessions each month from now on, and to update an existing session as part of our commitment to making (and keeping) our downloads the very best you can get.

And to get a quick insight into what's behind the new sessions, just take a look at Downloads Unwrapped below.

All the best,


(1) Scientists at University College London tracked more than 9,000 people for 12 years They found that people who lack emotional support and understanding from their partner, have a 34 per cent increased risk of heart disease than those in the most supportive relationships.

News report in The Daily Telegraph, 10 October 2007 Original research reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Vol 167, No 18, 8 October 2007

Downloads Unwrapped

There is a hypnotic element to every psychological problem. Be it addiction, fear, depression, trauma or phobia, a 'problem state' (like any trance) always involves:

  • a narrowing of the focus of attention so as to exclude other factors
  • activation of the imagination (in the case of problems a mis-use of imagination)
  • post hypnotic trigger response - as when a certain song makes a depressed person sad, or the sight of the part of town where an addict used to 'score' automatically brings on cravings

Many people don't recognize the hypnotic element to problem states (and yes, some hypnotherapists don't either!) But we really need to understand how they 'work' as much as possible if we are to be able to help lift people out of such states

Understanding the role of thoughts and feelings

For example, the new Be less materialistic download distinguishes (like all the sessions) between what we think and what we feel. Sometimes it actually doesn't matter what a person thinks if their actions are actually determined by their feelings and conditionings. Materialistic people whose main focus in life is the acquisition of 'stuff' may tell themselves (and anyone else) that 'you can't take it with you' and 'it's what's inside that matters', but all that flies out of the window when the right (or wrong) greed triggers get pushed.

Getting strong enough to control impulses

Ideas are important, of course, but to effectively change we need change our automatic (sub-thought) responses to environmental hypnotic suggestions. If you haven't yet listened to last month's free audio insight called environmental seeding and suggestibility, you'll find it very enlightening on this subject.

It's the age old difference between what we know we should be doing and what we actually feel like doing. We know we should challenge the office bully, but it's the last thing we feel like doing. We know we should exercise, but the TV beckons. We know we should be strong, but we feel weak. The new Develop strength of character download is all about over-riding what we impulsively want to do in the moment (because it's easier) with what we should do for long term fulfillment and success. Again, it works on the level of feeling and instinct as well as thought.

Enjoy eating what's good for you as naturally as brushing your teeth

We know that regularly consuming fruit and vegetables can add years to our lives and energy and health to those years, but. well, wouldn't it be so much better if we actually enjoyed eating the healthy stuff? Which is not to say that we shouldn't be strong and just eat what is good for us, but to learn to enjoy it. that would be good! Enjoy fruit and vegetables straddles the two ideas I've talked about above. It works to exercise strength of character to actually want to enjoy what you know you need, then works to make what you think is right actually feel right. Like cleaning your teeth (which certainly is right) just feels right to do. The more areas of health we can develop this winning combination in, the better off we'll be.

Mark's Tip for the Top

This month my favorite has to be Team family. Years of experience with treating people for all kinds of problems have made it very clear to me that the happiness (and effectiveness) of individuals is much more likely to be high when they're part of a family that pulls together and works as a team, with mutual encouragement, caring and shared goals. In the same way that healthy communities encourage, help and protect people within them, a healthy 'team family' will pick up warning signs early and deal with them collectively. This session helps people develop the attitude to help start encouraging other family members to work and live in togetherness rather than antagonism or separation.

Last month's Audio Insight

This free audio session shows just how powerful your environment is in influencing you. For many people this is a profound revelation.
Listen to this audio insight here.

MP3 Competition Winners

To date, we have given away over 180 MP3 players and 20 iPod Nanos loaded with the download suggested by the winner. You can see the latest winners below. Enter today and get an extra chance to win an iPod Nano.

Winner of an iPod Nano iPod Small

  • Mic Grover from Omaha, United States of America who suggested 'Chronic hives treatment'
    Mic wins the iPod because his title was the biggest seller of the new titles last month - congratulations Mic!
24 February, Issue 46
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5 New Downloads
See 5 new downloads for February
Last month's Audio Insight

This no-cost audio session shows you just how affected people are by tiny subliminal environmental triggers and how these triggers can seed unconscious suggestions. It also shows you ways you can maximize this knowledge to improve your own life.
Listen to this audio insight here.

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Testimonials for the A Healthy Rest Hypnosis Downloads

"An excellent introduction to self-hypnosis."
by Jose

"I have really enjoyed the downloads, particularly the 'Four Seasons' Induction. It works well for me personally and somehow it seems more legitimate to relax and listen to a 'professional' voice - and very professional they all are too. An excellent introduction to self-hypnosis.

"I have also used the ideas in 'A Healthy Rest' both for myself and to great effect with two clients who were suffering from hypertension. I look forward to hearing more in the future. All good wishes."

This story came from Jose who is from the UK

Read more about Four Seasons

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Monday, February 23, 2009