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1 Awakening Intuition

2 Be Competitive

3 Be Less Materialistic

4 Be More Patient

5 Be More Playful

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1 Stop Negative Thoughts

2 Public Speaking Confidence

3 Super Slim Me

4 Quick Confidence Booster

5 Self Esteem Booster

6 Overcome Fear and Anxiety

7 Think Thin

8 Weight Loss Motivation

9 Exercise Motivation Booster

10 Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

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Here are you 5 new downloads for August:

1) It's not as bad as you think - facing reality can be such a relief
2) Overcome a sexual fetish - free yourself from the compulsion
3) Generalized anxiety treatment - stop free floating stress
4) Fear of travel - relax with pastures new
5) Lower back pain relief - ease lumbar discomfort

6) Get popular - upgraded, new and improved

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Two of August's new hypnosis downloads fit quite nicely together - Lower back pain relief and Generalized anxiety treatment. That's not to say that lower back pain is 'all in the mind', but I've so often noticed how general stress and tension levels exacerbate any kind of pain. The lower back pain session uses tried and tested hypnotic approaches to diminish pain and discomfort but also addresses the psychological aspects of back pain.

Generalized anxiety treatment is for people who always seem to have a sense of background tension, even foreboding, spoiling their day to day lives. And as always we have revamped an old favourite - Get popular has been dusted down, brought up to date and rendered even more hypnotic and restful into the bargain.

Psychology is fascinating. Why do we think as we do, feel as we do and do the things we do? And how can we change old unwanted habits and responses? In the Downloads Unwrapped section below I'm going to share with you some of the psychological knowledge and inspiration that underlies three of this month's new downloads.

All the best,


Downloads Unwrapped can now be found on Mark's blog (to get sneak previews of new downloads, subscribe by email or rss over at the blog). You can also subscribe to the podcast using iTunes.

Mark's Tip for the Top

Fear of travel definitely! Not because I’ve ever been an anxious traveller myself, but I love travel so much and I'd really love others to share the wonder and sheer adventure of getting out and seeing the world without worrying about how it will go.

Last month's Audio Insight

This free audio session - How to absorb excellence from others - shows you how to 'pick up' the genius attitude from those you admire.
Listen to this audio insight here

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  • Stuart Kirby from Birmingham, England who suggested Stop Daydreaming - congratulations Stuart!

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August 31, Issue 64
5 New Downloads
See 5 new downloads for August
Last month's Audio Insight
This free audio session - How to absorb excellence from others - shows you how to 'pick up' the genius attitude from those you admire.

Listen to this audio insight here

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Testimonials for the Diminish Alcohol Abuse Hypnosis Download

"Since I downloaded 'Diminish Alcohol Abuse', I have had no problem controlling my alcohol consumption at all."
by Anonymous

I have been drinking since the early 1980s and on a daily basis since 1986. Nothing too extreme - about a six-pack a night is what I drank. I first began to realize I have a problem in the late 20th century when I found myself unable to stop drinking. I could sober up for a day or week or month at a time - if I had to. But ultimately recidivism would win the battle, as I could never maintain the motivation to stay clean. I had absolutely no control over my drinking.

Since I downloaded 'Diminish Alcohol Abuse' (10-22-05), I have had no problem controlling my alcohol consumption at all. For months I had nothing to drink at all and now I sometimes have a beer on a weeknight or the weekend, but never lose control.

I immediately downloaded several other hypnosis sessions and joined the 'Growth Zone'. I now own the 'Stay Off Alcohol' and 'Alcohol Withdrawal' sessions and feel as though a miracle has come into my life! I am grateful for Hypnosis

Anonymity requested

Read more about Diminish Alcohol Abuse.

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August's 5 New Downloads
It's not as bad as you think
Overcome a sexual fetish
Generalized anxiety treatment
Fear of travel
Lower back pain relief
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Monday, August 30, 2010