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How do I play a download on my computer?

When you purchase your download, you will receive quick, simple instructions on how to get your download. In fact, it is really easy. There are two different ways to save your file.

Once the download is complete, double click on the file which will most likely be in your My Music folder or on your desktop. Or, if you like things in steps...

1) Buy download

2) Click on link in the confirmation email you receive or log into your account and go to your Purchase History

3) Save file to your computer

4) Double click on the downloaded file (from your My Music folder)

Your computer almost definitely already contains the software program you need to play the download, but if it doesn't you can download it free. We would recommend using VLC Player.

Some customers have had problems using Real Player with the downloads, because Real Player treats them as shorter than they really are and so stops playing early. VLC Player has no such problems.