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1 Personal Power

2 Listening Skills

3 Motivation at Work

4 Feel Connected

5 Flirting Confidence

August's Top 10
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1 Self Confidence Booster

2 Overcoming Procrastination

3 Self Esteem Booster

4 Stop Nail Biting

5 Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

6 Public Speaking Confidence

7 Se'xual Performance Anxiety

8 Overcome Fear and Anxiety

9 Eat Healthy

10 Relieve Stress and Tension

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Here are August's 10 newly recorded downloads for you:

1) Know Yourself - be honest with yourself and develop more quickly
2) Finish What You Start - finish your tasks, reach those goals
3) Speed Reading - turbo-charge your reading speed and recall
4) Starting Work Again - find your strengths and believe in yourself
5) Remember What You've Read - learn hypnotic techniques to maximize your retention
6) Return To Education - enjoy learning, even if you didn't as a child
7) Cope With Being Bullied - reduce the impact and gain strength
8) Perfect Penalties - take those spot kicks with confidence and focus
9) Carers Stress Relief - get a break and recharge your batteries
10) School Test Failure - Cope with failing that important test

Mark Tyrrell Mark Tyrrell


I've three uplifting announcements to make this month - it's not such a bad job!

Firstly, we're making our second donation, this time of $1,682.95 to the Make a Wish Foundation, raised from sales from our Cancer Treatment section.

And secondly, next month our crazy but fit web developer Doug Platts will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Amani Children's Home in Tanzania and the Make A Wish Foundation. The Amani Children's Home provides food, education, counseling and aims to street children who are homeless or orphaned and aims to reunite children with relatives.

At 19,336 feet Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak. Doug's hike will take 5 days to reach the summit, and 2 days for the descent. You can read more about Doug's efforts and the Amani Children's home here

And my third and final announcement is that the winner of our iPod Nano competition this month is Gwen for the inspired suggestions of Nervous Talking. Gwen wins the iPod as this was the best-selling suggestion from last month. Our other mp3 player winners are below.

So that's my pleasant tasks completed - read on and enjoy because your mind is your future.

Best wishes


Downloads Unwrapped
The 'Downloads Unwrapped' section focuses on the inspiration and thinking behind some of this month's new hypnosis downloads. We don't just focus on hypnosis, we look at the overall psychology of an issue when seeking to make major improvements. We've got some fasinating topics this month including Speed Reading and Remember What You've Read and Perfect Penalties for all you soccer players out there. What I want to look at in more depth are Know Yourself, Cope With Being Bullied and Finish What You Start.

What does it mean to 'Know Yourself'?

When we talk about knowing ourselves it can sound a bit vague and abstract but this session really focuses on specifics. To know patterns in psychology is to know ourselves. Once you know yourself you can being to know what you are truly capable of regardless of self deception. We all use justifications and rationalizations to 'excuse' ourselves from doing what we really should be doing. Know yourself pulls no punches - it considers how behavior becomes automated and habitual very quickly, just how we deceive ourselves and how to get the most out of ourselves. Know Yourself is designed to be a practical tool for self understanding.

Resisting the bully

Being bullied is often, believe it or not, a result of someone else sizing you up and understanding your motivations. Once someone figures out what is important to you they then, unfortunately know how to manipulate you. Bullies often pray on conscientious hard workers. The bully may attack the quality of the work of the victim because they know that is what is most important to them. Ironically enough a bully may know you better than you know yourself in some instances. In Cope With Being Bullied we look at the different forms of bullying and how to diminish the emotional impact, replacing fear with calmness and strength.

Get the satisfaction of completing the task

And finally, we have Finish What You Start. So often the excitement of a new project is mainly connected to its newness. Once the hubbub of beginning something dies down we are left with the fact that we've actually got to do it. Of course if we don't really know ourselves that well we may attribute quitting early to all kinds of other outside influences: 'I decided the weather wasn't good enough, other people weren't pulling their weight' and so on. How many people start writing their book, learning that musical instrument or even tidying their desk only to quit before completion? Finish What You Start aims to keep the motivation level going throughout

New Audio Insight will be all about why you dream and how dreams are connected to hypnosis. It will give you an astonishing insight into the way you work, and why being in control of your own psychology is so important.

You can still download last month's 'How to be more charismatic' here.

MP3 Competition Winners

To date, we have given away over 100 MP3 players loaded with the download suggested by the winner. You can see the latest winners below. Enter today and get an extra chance to win an iPod Nano.

Winner of an iPod Nano iPod Small

  • Gwen Krushensky from California, USA who suggested 'Nervous Talking'
    Gwen wins the iPod because her title was the biggest seller of the new titles last month - congratulations Gwen!

MP3 Player Winners

28 August 2007, Issue 28
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This story came from Michael Sibble who is a Volunteer from London, England.

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Monday, August 27, 2007